Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my bathroom with claws.

as you may know...mainly because I've said this over and over and overrrr again...I love claw foot tubs. I want one in my home. Unfortunately that didn't happen in my cozy 1200 square foot love nest (aka. the money pit)...BUT in the next, much bigger home, it.will.happen!
aren't these just the most perfect thing to EVER happen to a bathroom!? My god...it calms me down just thinking about it!

the one in the upper left hand corner reminds me of what I had envisioned for our current teeny bathroom and it all worked out well in the end...but I'm still sad for my claw foot. I won't have to wait too long to see it though cause I'm hoping to fill it with ice, mini water bottles and juice pouches for the wedding reception. Yes...we will hang out then. Me and you, claw foot tub:)

photos courtesy of Design Sponge
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