Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i saw the sign....good tune!

my sister, Pigg, had a great idea the other day...wedding related...which is a shock cause I think Pigg wants my wedding to go to hell;) I totally kid. BUT I love the idea of Wedding Signage.
At this point I'm not sure where we'd put signs. Pigg's idea was to create something similar to the sign post you see when you frequent your cabin 'up Nort'. LOTS of signs on one post. I really love that look. Most likely something outside of the entrance OR right inside the door in a lit area...pointing you in the direction of the pottys, snacks, picture booth (currently trying to come up with something besides 'photo booth' to call our SMILE HUT...oh, man...that could be it!!), wine, water & juice pouches (must have the pouch...or they'd never understand;), for our guests, gifts, cards, gettin' down/dancing/the robot....

obviously there are many ideas roaming my mind for potential signs.
What I'm leaning towards most right now is just a barn board piece of wood and then we'll just throw some chalkboard paint on right in the middle. SO it'll look kindaaaa sloppy, kinda totally cute:) And then we'll write on that.

our goal is to make sure your ace doesn't get lost between the SMILE HUT and the wine table;) We are only looking out for your safety and well being!!!
photos courtesy of: top left - Wish Special Events, top right - True Connection , bottom left - Elizabeth Anne Designs , bottom right - Kraken Crafts
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