Sunday, August 22, 2010

pretty pose with you.

i love what I'm seeing in the above photos that I found on Ruffled. The photos were taken by, the obviously talented, Heather H Photography.

i think these pictures are a great idea for me and Jacob and he just happppened to have picked me up in a similar pose last night while cleaning up after catering. And the fact that he could lift me up, hold me smiling...and NOT straining...makes me believe that anything is possible!

and speaking of engagement pictures, I think I already mentioned that we don't plan to have anything done professionally. At this point I'm feeling like I'm spending at too rapid a pace to add on more reasons to spend. AND besides that I have a mom and older sister who take beautiful pictures with some beautiful Nikon's! We're seriously set there!

so now the dreadful scheduling begins. Believe me. We could NOT pack more into the weekends we have off and we're seriously booked till freaking Christmas! BUT we will make this happen and by the end of October I hope to be posting some pictures that make us look WAY cuter than we are and possibly more in love...IF that's humanly possible;).

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