Thursday, August 5, 2010

shopping in spain.

yet another reminder that I need to keep spending BEFORE Spain to a minimum:
photos courtesy of Chie Mihara

this store is conveniently located in to figure out WHERE in Spain....and they are completely gorgeous. Each and every last one of those shoes, boots, sandals...gorgeous. I LOVE the bridal ones in the bottom left corner: Irene 17 Alma Leche $360-ish AND the blue beauties in the top right: Catame Nami Black $385-ish.

they're gorgeous and they know it. They make me want Spain in a worse way than before!

PS. According to Google Maps, it's somewhat, kinda...I can make it...on the way to Valencia, which is one of our many stops in Spain. Whoooo HOOO!:)

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