Saturday, August 21, 2010

take a minute to spin.

okay. First has been and will be a hell of a day. I'm going on 8 hours at my full time job after spending 6 hours waitressing last night and after answering more than 150 calls so far today...I'll be heading home to change into my catering outfit (which includes a SUPER short and wide shirt..damn it) and head out to wait on more people for another 5 hours.
BUT at the end of that a drink with my sister and friends. And by drink, I actually mean a single serving of alcohol because I have another full day waiting for me tomorrow!

so today has been less than enjoyable so far. But at least I get to spend the next 1/2 of it making googly eyes at Jacob while we work together. have I mentioned that I loveeee Love LOVE watching him work!:)

so the point of this is that the picture below is amazing! And maybe the amazing part is because it makes you feel like the whole world can just stop and slow down if you just take a minute to do a little spin, a tiny dance (or be a tiny dancer;)!!
Amazing may not even cover it. It's perfection. And if I ever had a reason to buy a short dress...ignore all those reasons and just get it because of THIS picture:

photo courtesy of Mason Jar Bride
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