Tuesday, August 10, 2010

up top.

Dress UPDATE: I feel like things are finally coming together on the dress front. I went and saw my dress maker lady last night and we got a quote on doing my ceremony dress. I'm REALLY loving our ideas and for $200 or less I might have found the dress that I love enough to wear for bothhhh, yes...I said BOTH...the ceremony and reception. That would be amazing seeing as I've got enough dresses in the closet to be married 10 times over!!!;)

we also decided that yes. The whole 'dress shopping' thing is STILL not out of my system and according to my younger sister, Mallory who was married a year ago, it may Never be out of my system. Which is why I've given her the go ahead to try on a few while I try on a few!:) She tried to hide her excitement but I knowwww she's pumped;)
SO we're heading to a place a bit closer than I'd had initially planned because it's basically the idea of going with all the girls that has me craving ONE.MORE dress shopping experience. THEN and only then, I promise to lock it up!

because the dress situation may be officially, somewhat close to nearing an end and I've FINALLY got a picture in my head of what I mayyyyy look like that day...my brain's been on accessories over-freaking-load.

Trevi Fountain Headband $26
seriously...this could not be more perfect, except for the fact that I have no clue how people keep these things in place. I'd like my hair to be down and that might help but this is just fun and different and unique and I love the colors. Kinda drawing in my baby blue theme.

The Harlow Birdcage Veil $64
okay....okay...I know it's been done. Over done. Done soooo many times we almoooooost can't stand to see ONE more freaking birdcage veil. Buttttt I still love them:)

Black Rhinestone and Pearl Hair Pins $20
these might be my favorites because they're simple and classy and with the dress I'm envisioning...arg. Almost tooooo perfect. I mostly think they'd be the ones to work best on BOTH nights. OR I could go with the birdcage veil for the ceremony and then these lovelies for the reception. I think they're noticeable but still understated and as long as I take it easy on all the other accessories and just do sheer black tights and gorgeous black heels....OKAY. Getting away from the point here.
They're perfect. I shall order you and make you my own:)

ALL photos courtesy of Etsy - The Red Magnolia...AGAIN!!!
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