Monday, October 17, 2011

doors and pretty (illegal) paint:)

SURPRISEEEEE...more walking today;)
But today was nice because we even got up bright and early, went down to breakfast, did a few hours of walking and site-seeing and then back to the hotel - siesta for for Jacob:)

while out and about today, I took note of the gorgeous doors that you see every 2 feet! Love. Makes me want an oversized door...some wood, some with bars...for every room in our 'dream home':)

UP/DOWN jacob loves doors leading into open terraces, gardens and such. He especially loves them when there's a cat (aka. gato) behind them. He's even come up with a song: "gato, gato, gato I made you out of clay...gato, gato, gato now don't you run away"...yep, gotta love him:)

UP one of my favorites. Now it just needs a giant round knob in the middle:)

and in other news...they like to do a bit of graffiti around these parts. Well...most any parts. Sometimes it's eerily pretty. Other times...I'm wishing they'd give it a rest already!

jacob's photos:)

and now that I'm all rested and we're repacked...making room for a Granada purchase:) We can head out. Plan of attack for guessed it. Ice cream and people watching and then back to our place for some scrumptious Honey Balls w/ Soy Milk and bed early for a LONG ass bus ride tomorrow! Eeeeeeekkk. Sad to legs look forward to these bus rides, it gives them a bit of a break. Although, tomorrow's...almost 10hr. long bus ride...may be going a bit far! We shall see:)

tomorrow we'll be arriving in Valencia, Spain:)
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