Monday, October 17, 2011

view from Granada:)

just wrapping up our day here in Granada with a few more photos for your viewing pleasure:) How freaking adorable is that CAR!??!? OMG. If you love teeny cars...don't come to Spain cause I've (I'll;) found about 100 little cars that I've been begging Jacob to let me bring home with us!!!

we honestly can't believe that tomorrow we'll be at one of our 2 last destinations here in Spain! But we are feeling SO incredibly lucky that our time here hasn't flown by...OR crawledddd by. It's been seriously perfect!:) Have I mentioned that I have a lot of that 'perfect' shit now that Jacob's in my life?!

vomit...I know;)

UP okay...better idea of the 'tight squeeze' these busses are pulling in these little streets!!!
LEFT: bus making it's way towards us RIGHT: our reflection in the bus as it passes us (we're in a little doorway:)

UP/DOWN a small park-ish place we found....we decided that our yard must have one of those little horsey things (below) for baby Smith:)

jacob's photos...and video:)

there's really no introduction to this video. Jacob just loves taking video:) So here's a bit from a view that we found while wandering today. And also a little 'hi' from me:)

and tomorrow...tomorrow night, that is...we'll be in Valencia, Spain. At Hotel Ad Hoc Monumental! From the website, it reminds us a lot of the hotel we're at here in Granada. And since the hotel here in Granada ROCKS...we're hoping for the same tomorrow...especially after a 10 hr. bus ride:)
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