Monday, October 17, 2011

the way it goes:)

tonight we ate out...again. We started talking about some of the things we EXPECTED to happen, that didn't, while on this honeymoon. And some of the things that have happened...that we weren't expecting.

- we thought we'd be having a million picnics with wine, cheese, bread and amazing meat.

- we actually eat out almost EVERY freaking day. Hard on the wallet but fun to just walk 2 feet and find someone to feed you:)

- we thought we'd be getting our tattoos!!!

- i'm pregnant and we're afraid Jacob will get a disease. SO...our dreams of a Spain tattoo are on permanent hold;)

things have surely gone differently than planned, in only a few areas...but in a lot of ways they just differ slightly and not in negative ways:)

- we buy A LOT of fruit while out walking...and ice cream:) and then we sit somewhere and people watch (helloooo quick picnic:)

- since Jacob knows how disappointed I am about the tattoo...he lets me do shopping without giving me the puppy dog/guilty face:)

things have a way of working themselves out:)
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