Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hell ride.

here we are...bright eyed and bushy tailed...completely naive about our upcoming bus trip. TEN.HOUR.BUS.TRIP. I think I was even quoted saying "I'm really looking forward to this 10 hr. bus trip:)".

long story short...stinky people will always - HEY..not sometimes....ALWAYS - sit right in front of you. No matter how many seats are available around you (this also applies to all public restroom stalls). RIGHT.IN.FRONT.OF.YOU. And hey...awesome...where was that breeze directly into my face 10 fucking MINUTES AGO!!!!!?!?!?!

holy hell. I didn't think reminiscing about this was going to bring up such hosility;) Wait. I did:)

POINT: it was rough and Jacob and I both hit our breaking points at different times on this trip.

Jacob's Break: around 4PM...his seat wouldn't lay back and there was a fly. ONE fly. And many fbombs. I've never been more glad that no one understood us or really cared we existed:)

MY Break: around 6PM..."he HAS to stop SOME TIME!?...we've stopped EVERY 1/2 hour (that's not an exaggeration) for the entire trip and NOW...at dinner time..he's not going to stop!? This is so INSANE!!! There's a BABY IN ME!!!! OMG. You did NOT kill that fucking fly!!!!!!"

UP jacob about 30 minutes before his break down. I assume him not being able to find a suitable sleeping position added to the break down;)

no surprise...but we survived the bus trip AND buying tickets for our next bus trip, to Barcelona, on Friday. We were SO lucky that there was a Spanish/English speaking man right in front of us in line.
My turn...I try to explain what we need (early on we found that it was brilliant to buy our bus ticket to the next destination BEFORE leaving the bus station...we rock;) and of course...NO English. Shiat.
The man in front of us, hearing the confusion, came back and was nice enough to translate for us...all the way up to helping us get it paid for and explaining the ticket once it was in hand. And he didn't steal ANYTHING from us:) I love amazing strangers:):)

after a 5 minute taxi ride - yep...we SO could have walked but it was dark and we were done after that bus ride - we arrived at our hotel. Thumbs UP:) Dropped our bags, took our hotel video for you lovely folks and then went in search of food. This woman was in desperate need of food. I didn't even take a photo of our yummies cause I pretty much didn't breath the entire time. My bad:)

and now we're going to download a movie to watch on the computer and call it a night. Phew. I feel so good when we're settled:)

how amazing is it that we're in Valencia, Spain!? The one upside of the bus ride was seeing SO many cities in between Granada and Valencia. We caught a glimpse of the ocean again and some serious mountains! Spain has been amazing and we're in shock that we're on our 2nd to last destination! We're just taking in every minute of it and enjoyingggggg:)

buenas noches!!!!:)
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