Wednesday, October 19, 2011

week: 11:)

here we are on week 11!!! Some days it feels like:

"whoaaaaaaa...11 weeks...already!??!:)"

and on a night like tonight when my computer is running slow, Jacob wants to watch Planet of the Apes, that footlong SUB and 2 cookies didn't fill me up...I feel more like:

"whoaaaaaaa...11 weeks...ANNOYINGGGGGGGGGG!??!:)"
I'm sure that's all aimed at the things above and not the lime sized baby, whom we love, growing inside me:)

unfortunately, we weren't able to find any great 'baby bump photo' spots. Any somewhat creative spots were being taken up by HUNDREDS of people. The area of the city we're in, even as old as it is, is quite busy. SO I guess this graffiti wall will have to do. And yes...that may be Homer Simpson's head. I'm annoyed. Just annoyed enough to still post these...and maybe even TOO annoyed to wait until tomorrow and try and take new ones. SO be it.

otherwise...we're good. Eating a lot. Not sure on the weight situation since I haven't had access to a scale. Thank god for that.

since I'm a pistol...I'm going to get some sleep and hope, for Jacob's sake, I wake up feeling like a nice person:)

dulce sueƱos

(sweet dreams:)

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