Wednesday, October 19, 2011

going to market.

see that amount of people....they're Everywhere in Valencia. Hence our failed effort to get a great baby bump photo. OR maybe I need to listen to Jacob when he says "just do one knows one cares about us"...maybe tomorrow:)

one of the great things about wandering around for hours with no clue as to where you stumble upon great and unexpected things. Today, it was a market:)

i tend to gravitate towards the fruits. Jacob, the meats:)
However, we left with grapes...not that little animal, whose eyes are still peering at us. Ick:(

PS. grapes are still my stomach's worst enemy. Darn:)

jacob's photos:)

valencia has been treating us well but I'm sad to say that tomorrow is alreaddddddy our last full day here! Where did the time go in Valencia!? Yes, we're leaving on a 7AM bus to Barcelona Friday, so we're going to make the best of the time we have tomorrow. Which means: up early for hot chocolate milk in the morning, walking all day long and HOPEFULLY some better photo opportunities. For the most part...Valencia is just another bigger city. There's not a lot of that old city that I adore. At least not within walking distance of where we are. SO tomorrow we go in search of it:)

night night:)
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