Saturday, November 19, 2011

bring glitter...and they will spill it:)

now that I'm pregnant...things like "Craft Night" and "Staying In" and "Lets Hang These Photos" and "Washing the Insides of Our Windows" have replaced things like "Black Out Drunk" and "Drinking A Lot" and "Leaving the House"...hmmm...I like this change;)

so on this Friday night....Craft Night it was:)

part of our project was to have ALL the kiddo's (8 of those guys!!) get their hands Mod Podged and then pressed on paper and then that was covered in glitter!:) They turned out really cute and I plan on using them at the baby shower for decor:)

UP/DOWN i brought the glitter and was SUPER excited about this. I mean, it's GOLD GLITTER for god's sake!! How cool and fun and NOT messy;) Ah yeah. There was glitter everywhere. EVERY.WHERE!!!
In my bra, in Drew Baby's mouth, on the floor, in our food, in our hair...2 rooms away...So glad we decided to do Craft Night at Courts house;)

UP/DOWN i also had the kids help me with some decor for our March Baby Shower:) A bit ahead of the game but I figured...why not:) AND having the kids help was reallllly wise. I'm SO uncrafty and they can't cut super straight either. SO if people think it's cute and kid-like...I won't point out to them that I actually did that part;)

UP/DOWN seriouslyyyyyy...I almost cry every time I look at these photos. Peyton (bear:) and Austyn (that's supposed to be a hippo and it's pretty much the BEST thing that's ever happened...Seriously. Freaking amazing!!!:) drew us these pictures for the baby! Jacob and I decided to frame them and we plan to hang them in the baby room cause they turned out so great. And as if they couldn't have looked any cuter, once in frames, they did:)

oh yeah....and there was Face Painting. Multiply paintings of the face, washing of the face and REpainting of the face. A.LOT of face painting:)

i should also mention that Courts was making some some Christmas things with the kids and they turned out really great!!! SO even with the glitter bomb going off and the HUGE mess I left the house in when I left;)..I'd say Craft Night was a HUGE success:)
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