Wednesday, November 2, 2011

week: 13:)

today we're a week further along. Weird how that happens!;) Today my mind has been blown by the fact that this baby is now the size of a peach. A peach-sized human is currently in my belly. Lucky for it AND for's head is now not THAT much bigger than it's body;)

these photos may not compare to the backdrop of Spain...but I'm still excited to do them weekly. EVEN if there's not much progress from week to week. This dress is a bit it may make me look a bit bigger than I actually am. But there IS a significant belly under there and we'll see how much damage has been done (AKA. weight has been gained) at our big appointment tomorrow! YAY! This is apparently the one where you get to hear the heartbeat and see that there's a real live baby hanging out in there! And then you go tell all your friends and family...

which we did...5 weeks ago. Oops:)

so far so good's the breakdown:

due date: tentatively...May 9, 2012

boy or girl: not sure at this point and we've agreed not to find out:)

names: we've got it narrowed down to about 4 boy names and 2 girl names and now we're just gonna wait it out and see what the little one looks like when he gets here (we're going to refer to 'it' as a he/boy or he-boy cause 'it' just brings up things from my past - regarding a scary fucking clown - SO he it is:)

belly: there is one...i feel like there shouldn't be quite as much belly already. This worries me. Don't get me wrong. Very excited to get a baby belly and totally prepared for weight gain but maybe I over did it on the 'eating' and got a head start on the weight gain?!

nausea: NONE:)

stretch markssss: only the ones I've had since I was 16. Boo. I've been lathering up every day but I'm prepared for stretch marks.

weight: 139 (my normal weight:) as of week 8. SO tomorrow will probably be a bit of a reality check for this endless pit.

touch: don't touch my belly. At any point in my pregnancy. Thanks.

wardrobe: everything still fits and at this point I'm excited about mixing things up once I need to fit things around/over a belly:) From what I attitude will change about this and I'll start not wanting to leave the house;)

baby stuff: i've started collecting a few things here and there. Some clothes from a 2nd hand store. A $35 crib that I adore. The kids have made some ridiculously cute drawings that I plan to frame and I've got a ton of shit saved on Pinterest and Etsy and will be violating the checkbook...starting...tomorrow;)
We've got a really specific idea of what we want for the little guy:)

and that is that for today!:) I'll report back after the appointment tomorrow and maybe there will be a photo of the little one and I can introduce you all!!! Or not. We shall see. Either way...I'm sure there will be photos because if they stick us in that room for more than 10 minutes...we're going to start entertaining ourselves;)
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