Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy halloweenieeeeee:)

our Halloween night consisted of me working and Jacob sitting in a dark room watching "How It's Made" while the Trick-Or-Treaters passed our house (mind you we sit RIGHT in the middle of town...prime Trick-Or-Treating location).
Had we taken the time to carve or even just set out some pumpkins...I would have found them smashed at the end of my driveway this morning. That I guarantee.

we are not haters of Halloween...we don't normally participar in the festivities as far as going out and getting all dressed up and such. BUT we do think about doing it every year;) Our laziness gets the best of us. Someday though...you watch out! I've got a folder of saved ideas and it will rock...someday:)

UP (from top) P - army dude T - ...you know what..they all had very complicated ideas of what they wanted to be. Like...not just a vampire..a princess devil vampire. Okayyyy;). SO I'll let Courts go into detail about that...keep an eye out for her Halloween Post.

before heading back to work for the night, I did get a chance to see the kids! Their costumes this year were SO great! Courts and I hit up a 2nd hand store and I doubt we'll ever go back:)

- not pictured: Jax and Luke...by that point I had to get back in the house cause I was wearing white carpi's and black undies. Pregnant women can get away with shit like that;) -
UP austyn!:) After buying this wig she wanted to keep wearing it. SO she wore it to the next few stops while we were shopping. The hair was falling out worse than mine. I'm sure there are still piles of black and green hair laying around the isles of Michaels;)

DOWN lia...seriously...this is quite scary!!!

UP little Nasher was a bumble bee:)

another great holiday...leading up to 2 more of my most favorite holidays!!:):)

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