Tuesday, November 1, 2011

barcelona changed my mind:)

UP/DOWN these could very well be my favorite photos of Jacob and I...of.ALL.time:)

i'm not going to lie. I thought we were going to leave Barcelona feeling like "ehhhhh". We just weren't sure what all they hype was about at first. And then we ended up spending one rainy day in our hotel all day and then just another day in bed all day cause we could;) BUT then...on the last day...we found the part of Barcelona that we could fall in love with!

hang in there...LOTS of photos. But I have a feeling my followers like pictures better than words;)

we walked from 10AM till 6PM and I seriously think we saw the top AND bottom of Barcelona! We feel incredibly lucky that the weather and scenery we discovered were SO perfect on our last day in Barcelona!

UP/DOWN ice cream break at the top of our mountain walk:)

we also stumbled upon the location of the 92' Olympics! It was so large! I felt like lions were going to come running out and Spartans...and yeah...I'm not sure;) BUT it was just SO huge!

from there we headed back down to the water to end our day near the beach:)

dinner was completely...unsatisfying. Damn it!!!:( I guess if I have one complaint about Spain...it would be that my taste buds and their food pretty much hated each other from the get go. Not good for a person feeling as if she needs to eat every 47 min. And by eat. I mean a meal that is satisfying and filling and exactly what I want (whatever that is). SO yeah. There was a bit of difficulty with that...

we're so glad to be home and I feel sad that this is my last big 'honeymoon' post. I would have spread it out over time but my memory fails me daily and I was afraid I'd pretty much forget things as time went on. SO I figured the sooner the better:)

at this point we've been so busy wrapping up the process of 'getting home' and getting up to speed with things happening here that I haven't had any time to really let it sink in that our honeymoon happened! Sometimes it really feels like a dream.

traveling is so important to Jacob and I and I couldn't be happier that we got that time together...alone:) And just the entire experience. I seriously feel a bit shocked when I think that we did it. ALL by ourselves. We held it together. We were the only thing either of us had over there and it worked. I had no doubt it would but I thought I'd be more scared and feel more lost but the trip was nothing like that! It was something that we are SO excited to look back on from time to time (especially those late nights when we're up with a restless baby;) and talk about that wonderful trip we took that for surely ranks in the top 10 best things we've ever done for ourselves.

only the beginning:)

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