Monday, October 31, 2011

never too early:)

it's never too soon to start thinking Baby it?!


i've already got a ton of ideas and I'm not gonna has been spent on some decor. Oops:) But I'm excited to have a theme, of sorts (nothing worries:), in mind and a direction to head in. And since I'm thinking March-ish for the big ol' bash...and invites would be sent out at least a month prior (February)...we're already down to 4 months for prep!!!!

time for some mass emails to the sisters about random baby stuff they care little to nothing about. Courts. Pigg. Mal. You've been warned;)
we'd, obviously, turn that elephant into an adorable hippo:) And the 'boy' part could stay the same since Jacob insists that is IS a boy;)
a little tweaking and that crib could look just like the crib I already bought - oops:)
again...replacing elephant with hippo.
loveeee the 'pinwheel' idea or a sucker or something else equally adorable. It's the sending in the mail thing that trips me up...
it's just pretty:)

if you haven't already figured it out...ALL the above inspiration were found on Etsy! I already know that I'll be having my friend do them up for me. But doesn't hurt to have a clear picture in mind when I start emailing her my ideas!'ve also been warned;)

PS. already up to 53 adults and 20 kids on the guest list. What the shiat?! I think this baby has acquired friends already!
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