Saturday, October 29, 2011

jacob's barcelona view.

jacob had so many good shots (and video) that I thought I'd just put a little post of his stuff first:) And besides that...I'm too hungry to be patient enough to finish this entire post. I must search for food...SOON!

UP jacob got a great video coming up the escalator!!!

UP/DOWN views from the top...Jacob had the brilliant idea to take a picture through the binocs that they had available to us:)

the park that we walked through...for hours and hours...was so beautiful. We were lucky enough to have an amazing last day in Barcelona:)

UP where the Olympics were held in 1992!

UP we were so far up while walking through the park. That building to the left of my head (your left) looks teeny and SO far away...

UP/DOWN and then when we had dinner down on the beach for can see how huge and beautiful it was!

a fantastic day in Barcelona. I can't say that enough. Now that we're home...I guess I can't really say that it 'feels like it never happened'. It was the most amazing amount of time to spend away from home and together! It was perfect:)

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