Wednesday, October 26, 2011

week: 12:)

i hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Jacob did another phenomenal job in finding some great spots to get the best 'baby bump' photos:)
Like Courts pointed out...there's not much to see at this point but believe me...there's a bump in the making. I've been eating like I'm large and in charge and I get a matching attitude if I don't get fed in a timely manner too;)

and hello...a little gato (cat:) joined our photo shoot at one location! SO cute...I love when we can hang out with them and then leave them in a different country;)

more to come on our last - gorgeous/fantastic/PERFECT - day in Barcelona.
It was the best possible ending to our honeymoon and it really was lucky that we had such a great last day in Barcelona cause the next morning...things started to go a bit wrong...and then got better...and thennnnn wrong.

more to come on:
- our missed connecting flight to Chicago in Toronto, Canada
- me crying in line for Customs (awkwardddddd;)
- jacob almost getting us fined for having 'meat' in his carry-on (and this took us through the double doors, down a long a place few will ever go)
- discovering we'd had $200 (US dollars) stolen out of our luggage
- more crying (me BETCHA)
- and then lots of pizza, skittles and smiles;)

almost home:)
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