Monday, October 24, 2011

the bear turns 9!!!!:)

our little Lia Bear turns 9 years!!!!! Hard to believe...although, Peyton kinda cushions the blow by also getting older (he doesn't listen to me about not growing older either...darn kids;).

it's impossible to sum Lia Rae Smith up in only a few paragraphs...

she's sweet and GOOFY as all hell. I mean...she is emotional. And girly. BUT completely her mom's daughter...with my emotional instability mixed in (how proud am I;). She gets more and more beautiful with every day that passes and smarter too it seems...and maybe slower at waking up in the mornings too!?;)

just try and get a serious photo with'll take a few tries;) And she's a WRITER! The girl can write about anything and it's GOOD stuff!
She's got her mom's addiction to all things pen and paper!

i think this note, that Court and Dave received from Lia's teacher about sums it up (I think she got this already a year or 2 ago)...but it's exactly what this young lady is capable of and I know she's meant for amazing things:)

"I just wanted to let you know what a sweet and caring little girl you have. Yesterday she handed me a card and told me that I couldn't open it until I got home. When I did I saw that it was a card wishing us to have a happy and healthy baby. It was so sweet of her to do this for us. Those small little things are so greatly appreciated. I shared it with (husband) and (daughter) as well and they were both honored that she would think of us. She is just so thoughtful. As I was filling out her progress report this week, I could only think that I hope (daughter) grows up to be just like her. Great job raising a sweet little girl."

with our own little one on the way (OMG!!!)...I can't help but get a little emotional at the idea of having another Lia in our lives in 6 short months. We love you so much Lia and hope you pass on some of your amazingness to our little one:)

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