Monday, October 24, 2011

bar to the ce to the lonaaaa:)

the long awaited Barcelona, Spain post is HERE:) Sorry for the delay but we haven't had access to the Internet in over 24 hours (OMG!!!). But we're back up and running. I'll try to keep this one photo heavy and less wordy.

it is surely photo heavy. SO be prepared to scroll till your finger bleedsssss;)
we began our first outing in Barcelona by catching a cab to the Sacred Family Church - Temple of the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi. It was large. And very much under construction, as you probably has been going for MANY years and will be going on for at least another 30 years...or so we're told.

we would have loved to get inside to walk around and even get some views of Barcelona from up high. But the lines were insane:( They looked to be moving fairly quickly but we just took our photos and walked around before heading in another direction.

UP/DOWN after walking 30 minutes towards the 'shopping district', we took a short break to people watch and regroup. Frappy's were involved!!! Num Num Num:)

more walking allowed us to get some more interesting photos of local buildings. Some having meaning...some just very beautiful:)

UP/DOWN all our walking lead us to some actual flea markets. The first we've encountered in Spain. Oh, how I love me a flea market. Unfortunately, the marketers had done their research and I wasn't leaving with any amazing deals! DARN. How amazing are those old stamped letters and vintage cameras!? No fair:(

UP/DOWN...and boy were there people. As you make your way 'downtown' the crowds just appear out of no where!!!

UP the only thing we could afford at this store was a self photo in one of their dressing room mirrors;) The shopping district we ran into was quiteeeee out of our price range:)

UP another little market. This one had homemade jams and oils, cheese, etc. Loved this. We picked up just a couple small things for our family at home:)

UP/DOWN and all the art! I've been telling Jacob that we need to start getting some art in the house and we have future plans to do this. For now we picked up a small water color painting from a local artist. I can't wait to get it framed.
From here on out...we decided to start 'collecting' and even budget for some 'artwork' on all of our future trips:)

UP/DOWN more people watching...I mostly just love the clarity of the camera with close ups. Love:)

UP we found THE best fruit stand and this little bowl of fruit was officially the best thing that happened on this honeymoon;)

and then we found dinner. A small Italian place (with no pictures outside - we were told that these would be less 'touristy') that turned out to be, officially, THE best thing that has happened on our honeymoon! So delicious:)

UP and why we haven't been making and eating Bruschetta every day of our lives...!? We shall start as soon as we get home!

later that night we went out for another long walk (meant to be one lost..turned into 2 hours - in the rain - and a cab ride back to the hotel....oops:). But got some cute shots of all the adorable umbrellas:)

jacob's photos:)

UP what the Sacred Family should look like when finished:)

UP jacob was/is/has been blown away by the wildlife here. Parrots! Everywhere!!

barcelona has turned out to be very large:) Not that this wasn't entirely expected...but it's big:) We're having a great time exploring and are always finding that we find the prettiest things when we get lost!

today is a gloomy day in Barcelona. We had our big breakfast (I suggest no one EVERRRRR go on another vacation without making sure you get a breakfast every morning...well, in general. Do not go another day without having's just a wonderful thing...even if it is just a bowl of Honey Balls:).
Now we're chilling in the room while we catch-up on blogging and some snoozing and movies and orange eating. It's a great day for it.

tomorrow, however, we get back to business. It's our last day in Barcelona - seeing as we leave so early Wednesday morning. We are walking to a park and then off to visit another huge building/castle. I'm hoping to get in some more self-timer photos with the camera in the park:) And then we have a few local stores that we've made note to stop at before the day's end to pick up some last minute things for home! YAY!

we're both excited to be coming home and sad to see our honeymoon end. BUT it's been amazing, perfectly paced, relaxed, food/smiles and laugh-filled:) I hope we have a few more things to show you tomorrow before the honeymoon blogging comes to an end:)
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