Saturday, October 22, 2011

the food made it good:)

mañana WAS better:)

today was a 100% turn around from last night. And I'll go into the details of that after Jacob and I get done watching this movie...he's patiently waiting for me to put this sneak peek up:)

if you weren't already aware, Barcelona is HUGE. BIG. MASSIVE. Lot o' lots of people. I thought Jacob only had road rage...apparently he has a bit of 'walking rage' too;) It was a bit hard to get through all the people but worth our time:)

and then there was the most incredible dinner we've had in a LONG time...try our entire honeymoon. I know people rave about the tapas...and we're going to try that tomorrow. But this Italian place we found. Shut the front was perfection:)

more on all of that to come...after the movie!
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