Wednesday, November 9, 2011

week: 14:)

UP me lovessssss these pretty photos!:) PS. adorable birdie top from Spain:)

we are IN the Second Trimester! HOLY...beeeeppppppppl;) Trying to keep the cussing to a minimum...for the baby:) - I think Joyce would be proud of us for trying;)

UP hard to see here (GERD) but there's my birthday locket! Still in love with to fill it!:)..maybe you filling it should be my 29th birthday present?!;) BUT I'd be afraid it'd just be 2 photos of that INSANE cat - you know what I'm talkin' bout;) - SORRY fellow followers...inside situation happening:)

due date: new due date was given...May 11, 2012. Although, we're SURE he'll come sooner;)

boy or girl: it's a BOY...we think...we feel:)

names: patrick james. That's the name Pdog suggested today. He immediately got his TV watching privileges taken away (Sponge Bob anyone;).
And then mom had recently suggested Nellie. I believe it was a family name but I thought it sounded too much like a sound a horse would make. She now has a horse named Nellie. I kid you not - check Nellie out here.

belly: i think we've finally leveled off a bit. I feel as if the insane appetite I had (or thought I had..arg) may be over!!! THANK GOD - see weight:(

nausea: only if I don't eat every hour or so...a small (sometimes healthy;) snack solves that.

stretch markssss: only the oldies from high school...phew:)

weight: be prepared to have your mind blown...drum rolllllllll...148lbs. YES. 1.4.8. In a mere 5 weeks (from 8 weeks to 13 weeks - basically, while on our honeymoon) I managed to pack away 9 freaking pounds. I was a bit shocked, to say the least.
i'm embarrassed to admit that there were some tears - BUT mind you, I was already going into this appointment pissed about something that we're being screwed over with at work (NO surprise there). SO yeah...the weight gain kinda pushed me over the edge. LUCKILY, I pulled it together, with Jacob's help, before the nurse came in the room and we got on with the appointment. I was fully convinced that my attitude had ruined the entire appointment and that seeing this baby...hearing his would do nothing to my, now, blackened soul.

and then we saw him. And we heard that little beat. And yeah...there's not much like that in the world and now he's our little pal. Our pal that we really, really love:)
i SO wish I had a photo of Jacob's face. I was laughing - giddy-ish laughing. It was as weird as it sounds. And Jacob was just standing there staring at the screen with his hands on his face but that didn't hide the huge smile. Yep. I think he's found a forever friend:)

touch: no awkward belly touches...for now.

wardrobe: some things are getting a bit snug but I'm still fitting into things just fine. I've got a little shopping trip coming up and have a small list of things in order to get me through this pregnancy:)
mostly just looking forward to having an actual 'bump' that I can show off:)

baby stuff: as of now we've slowed our buying a bit. I've gotten a few things for my (possibly March) baby shower. I've washed the little pile of clothes we've accumulated so far and started a baby tub:)
i surely keep my eyes peeled for baby items at all times and usually make a quick round through the baby section in any and all stores:)

UP seriously...I'm in love with this photo. Jacob works late, so Courts has now been put in charge of weekly baby bump photos. She's pretty good;)

so folks...that's what's up at 14 weeks! SO exciting!!!!! Right now my countdown is 18 weeks. I have my next appointment in December, at around 18 weeks. I've been given a specific number of pounds to try and stick to - as far as weight-gain between now and then. SO hoping I can make my doc proud:)
Does he realize that there's a THANKSGIVING in there..and he, obviously, has never ate my mom's purple jello with that white sauce (no clue what it is...don't want to know...just want a LOT of it!)...or my aunts ENTIRE Thanksgiving meal...she makes cheesecake. Beautiful, beautiful cheesecake:)

and now I'm starving;)

night night from the smith's and our baby:)
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