Saturday, November 12, 2011

official on plastic!

i was told I wouldn't have to get a new photo on my NEW ID.

i was misinformed...

but I'm surely not hating it. I approve actually...I've gotten some horrendous ones in the past (as I'm sure you can all relate?!) and so this...this I'll take!

i DO think you can immediately tell I'm pregnant though!;)

and can you believe this ID from 2003!? OMG. I was such a freaking hard-ace! I love it! It's impossible to believe that was 8 years ago and that I've gained THAT much weight;) Although, it was nice to finally update those totals:) I was living a lie (a 28lb. lie;).

POINT: i'm officially a Smith. It's all changed...the bank, the paper work, the insurance, the pay stub, the email (work), the passwords...OMG. The name change process was JUST as annoying as I'd imagined it would be!

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