Wednesday, November 16, 2011

week: 15:)

we've reached week 15 and I brought it in with tears. Not bad ones...not really bad ones;) But I think sometimes the reality of this sets in and I'm a bit overwhelmed.
OR maybe I was coming down from a shopping high...I HAD just gotten back from spending lots of money on lots of things and yeah...emotions were high;)

regardless of the tears. We're both extremely excited for this baby. Sometimes it's just hard to wrap your mind around the fact that it's happening and you have NO choice now. It's going to keep growing (and hopefully perfectly:) and it's goinggggg to come out. Whether I'm ready or not. SO yeah. That may have got me a bit emotional but luckily...I have Jacob. And that my my secret weapon for getting through a bit of emotion:)

my new hope: that our daughter (if it were to be a girl...which it won't be because we're POSITIVE it's a boy;) finds someone much like her daddy:)

due date: new due date was given...May 11, 2012. Although, we're SURE he'll come sooner;)

boy or girl: we're still certain it's a boy and have no plans to find out what he/she is in advance. But we're getting a lot of guesses from others...almost time to start that pesky baby pool:)
- i didn't have morning sickness...Courts had morning sickness with her boys...I don't believe Mal did (she has 2 boys). So that helps none.
- i do get some nagging headaches (nothing seriously painful though)...I didn't really before...Mal seemed to get worse headaches (she gets headaches a lot regardless) while pregnant with her boys...
SO the symptoms are really not helping anyone judge one way or the other.

names: no new names as of lately...we had thrown around Eleanor but there was no family significance and we weren't really in love with it...although, Nora sounded cute.
I had an adorable little old lady call today, Mable. Jacob kindaaaaa liked that:)

belly: i pretty much just look like I gained 10lbs. I even was so bold as to put a swim suit on Monday...luckily, none of you will have the pleasure of seeing me without clothes to you, I may not look too much different at this point..I HOPE:)

nausea: only if I don't eat every hour or so...a small (sometimes healthy;) snack solves that.

stretch markssss: only the oldies from high school...phew:)

weight: no new weigh-in. I was hoping to do that tonight but alas, I'm working. BUT hoping to do that so that I have a number for week 16:)
I just want to make sure I'm staying within the guidelines the doc set for me. IF I were to stay within those guidelines...I'd have gained NO weight since our 13 week check. SO hoping when I do's higher. I believe I was 149 at week 13.

PS. there's a Cinnabon staring at me. And I'm gonna put it in my tummy:(

touch: no awkward belly of now. BUT I've been warned that they're coming...EEekkkk!

wardrobe: some things are getting a bit snug but I'm still fitting into things just fine.

i did pick up a few things while on a quick shopping trip the last few days. I've been buying ONLY pieces that can be used before/during AND after pregnancy. SO no maternity wear.

mostly just looking forward to having an actual 'bump' that I can show off:)

baby stuff: and yeah...spending too much on baby stuff!!! Crap! I really thought that not finding out the sex of the little guy would keep me from finding ANYTHING adorable. But no, that has not been the case. We don't know what the baby will be but our style leans a bit towards neutrals and blacks and it's actually been quite easy to find adorable little outfits and such that we LOVE and feel will be sweet on both boy or girl:)

POINT: my baby bin is week 15. Jacob's making a face at me...he doesn't know how this is possible;)

and a bonus section:)

things that existed before baby that were invisible to me but that I now love: i was ALWAYS annoyed when my sisters (Courts and Mal) had to run into baby stores while we were on our shopping trips. Annoyingggggg. And I've now joined their ranks.
Carter's - freaking fantastic and totally affordable!!!
77 Kids - um...yeah...made sure to register for a few things from here as soon as I got home and picked up this ADORABLE skull swaddling blanket...we love it:) And yes, we have plans for our baby to kick the shit out of your baby. It's going to be a hard ace;)

it was WAY to freaking cold out to go outside for photos and I was too tired to put any thought into my outfit and I felt like my face was bigger than these are not ranking very high on my favorite bump photos at the moment. But I'll do better for ya next week and maybe we'll even have some snow to help spruce up these photos!

peace out.
the smith's and our baby:)
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