Wednesday, November 16, 2011

moa is a day of love:)

monday and Tuesday I was at Mall of America (MOA:). It was WONDERFUL. If you love shopping. Which I do:)

my mom, sister's Mal and Pigg and myself went over early Monday and got back Tuesday evening. It was a great time!

we do an Annual MOA Trip with our family. Which we all love and count down for:) But we moved it to the Spring because we were always going in November, thinking we'd 'Christmas Shop' and mostly just came back with emptied checking accounts and no Christmas Gifts to be seen. Eeeeek. Not good.
SO we moved it to the Spring...after tax returns...nice;) And it has really worked out much better. BUT we couldn't help but run over with a smaller group in the fall/winter cause it's just SO much fun for us and with all the Christmas decor...ah, it was festive all right:)

UP starbucks was had:)

UP/DOWN we stayed at our usual hotel and took the long walk to the pool after all the shopping on Monday. I treaded water in the pool for a while and then dipped my feet in the hot tub:)

UP not everything I find and adore at MOA can come home with me, unfortunately:( BUT I do make note of it and if I still can't get my mind off it in a few months and an occasion comes up where I may need something 'nice'...I'll come back to them:)
Both items above from Francesca's Collections.
*unable to find items online:(*

UP DSW goodies. I've been thinking flats will be great for my ever growing body...I doubt I'll be able to keep myself upright in anything with a significant heel. BUT no reason not to look festive even in a flat...and these will fit perfectly in my bag, seeing as I'll have to tromp into work wearing my winter boots:)

UP mal giving us a hat fashion show at Heritage1981:)

left: creeping around the was creepy!
right: endless forehead;)

UP me stalking some looks that I loved: black leggings with long black cardy and brown leather boots. I had a long black cardy on my Needs List but was unable to find what I was looking for.

UP IKEA had us all dreaming about the day when we get to design our own homes:)

UP every time I go to MOA I come back with, what I call, a festive sweater. This can be anything from a cute print (see below), to some animals running on an adorable cardy. I found it nearly impossible to find ANYTHING that fit what I was looking for. The new trend is 'shorty tops' and it broke my heart each and every time I spied something from across the room, got to it, picking it up and realizing it wouldn't even cover my, now enormous, breasts. Annoying trends.
i did find plenty of festive pants though...and I thought long and hard about them but, in the end, decided that even I couldn't pull off 'festive pants';)

UP beautiful jewelry selection at Francesca's Collection:)

sorry about the obnoxious amount of iPhone photos...its' just SO much easier to use when running around and digging through your wallet for cash:)

MOA was, as always, an amazing time! I'm counting down the days till our Spring Trip...when I will again do massive damage to my checkbook...with no regrets:)
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