Wednesday, November 23, 2011

week: 16:)

not too much to report going into Week Sixteen. I've really noticed that there's a belly now and it's going no where but OUT. BUT I'm loving it! I just can't wait till it's big enough that people actually realize I'm pregnant and not just in denial about my waistline and refusing to put away the shirts I wore in 8th grade!!

every day I'm surprised at how scared/emotional/SCARED/excited/nervous/anxious/happy...and scared I am about this pregnancy! SO many ideas and thoughts and emotions running through me at all times. We just want a happy and healthy little one:)

POINT: most days it's hard to believe this is happening and we're SO insanely excited and SO insanely overwhelmed. But we can't wait:)

due date: may 11, 2012:)

boy or girl: still feeling that it's a boy...we shall see...

names: we've deleted a few names off the list...Ollie didn't make the cut:(

belly: at 16 weeks, I think my belly (and assssss) has really made it's debut. IF I wear anything fitted...there she be!!!

nausea: only if I don't eat every hour or so...a small (sometimes healthy;) snack solves that.

stretch markssss: only the oldies from high school...phew...BUT they seem to be more...I can see them more now. SO it may be time to bite the bullet and get some Shea butter and see if that helps anything:)

weight: at the last weigh-in I was STILL at 149. This makes me a happy camper:) A few more weeks at 149 and then I can start packing it on again:)

touch: no awkward belly of now. BUT I've been warned that they're coming...EEekkkk!

wardrobe: i busted the button off my pants today - the pants in the above photo - getting out of my car to go into work. PERFECT!!. Mom insists they were too tight anyways. BLAH!;) SO yeah...things are getting...snug.

there are still a few things that I have on my Wants List and hope to get during all the holiday sales!

baby stuff: yep...not buying stuff: harddddddd.

i hit up a local antique store this afternoon with the kiddo's and found these adorable blocks. I've been eyeing them up on Etsy but this deal (no shipping:) was too good to pass up!

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