Monday, December 5, 2011

week: 18:)

WEEK 18!!!! It is here:) I wish I had more to report but 'WEEK 18!!!! It is here:)' is really all we've got. This pregnancy has been so incredibly easy thus far and that scares me sometimes. LIKE...because I've gotten such an easy pregnancy, I'll be cursed with the longest labor of ALL.TIME?

i've decided to believe that our baby is just the chillest baby of all time and will come out and continue being supa' chill:):)

so we had an ultrasound today and it was fun. Mostly cause I think of them as little dates with Jacob. Dates where we go pretend we're going to have a kid and then eat super shitty food after and talk about this baby we're having...which turns into laughing...which turns into crying (for me;). Have I mentioned I'm pregnant and having a baby and today I was laying on that bed/table thingy and while Jacob was fricking with the controls and moving me up and down and forward and backward and slanting me...I realized I was in the position to birth a child and yeah...that's happening.

every now and again it becomes real and that was one of those moments! I admit...I was scared. I didn't cry though (pat on back:). It's exciting and scary and mostly beyond exciting because every time I think of how much it'll hurt (hardly at all because I'm going to do this shit up super fast style;)...I think about how we're going to get the best little present and forget alllll about that little bit of pain;)

POINT: the ultrasound went really well and it was confusing and mostly I didn't know what I was looking at. BUT those few times that I was super exciting to see the little guy moving about! The appointment took much longer than we had anticipated...about 2 potty breaks longer. And there was even time for napping because we were left in that dimly lit room...alone...for about 35 minutes.
My nap was mostly quick snoozes, followed by me waking suddenly, worrying that they were outside of the door calling in specialist because our baby was super 'special' the worst way possible.

PS. after that ridiculous wait they came in quickly and handed us some photos that aren't going to be winning us cutest baby awards any time soon and assured us the baby was as normal as could be expected (it is a mix of Jacob and I you know;) and we could be on our merry way:)

due date: may 11, 2012:)

boy or girl: we (as in I) think we (as in I) saw a penis today. On the ultrasound;) But then again, I had NO clue what we were looking at. I had to fake excitement most of the time because she was pointing out it's cute little body parts and I was seeing...nothing. BUT cute nothingness:)

names: we took a few off the list just today:
Brody (which I realllly liked but Jacob vetoed)

belly: there's no denying that there's a bump there now. Not sure how obvious it is that I'm pregnant and not overweight. But I love it:)
And for being 4-1/2 months along, I'm feeling fantastic!!!

did I mention that I've felt the baby move!? YEP. That happened!!! I thoughtttttt...mayyyybeeee...I felt something around 16 weeks but then at a little over 17 weeks I was sitting at work and I KNEW it. It was just it. I never thought something like that would get me quite so excited but I immediately called Jacob at work and insisted that we take the rest of the day off to celebrate!!!!! Needless to say...we both finished our work days. He's so rational sometimes;)

nausea: none really. Lucky am I:)

stretch markssss: still putting thee lotion on every day. As many times as I can remember. It seems that my 'old' stretch marks are a bit more prominent but there are still no signs of new ones:)

weight: eeeeeeee. I'm relieved to say that I'm at a super light feeling...151.5. YAYYYYY! I was hoping to be ANYTHING less than 153 and sure enough...ta daaaaaa:) I'm very happy with that. I've been putting on weight at a rapid speed but am super happy that I was able to stay within the docs guidelines for these last 5 weeks!
TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 11.5 lbs.

i do have to point out that I wasn't weighed before the ultrasound. SO after, when I had changed...I took it upon myself to mosey around the back rooms till I spied a scale:) I jumped on and got my weight and then got the hell outta there!
I'm crossing my fingers I didn't somehow screw up weighing myself. Is that POSSIBLE!?
Regardless...I have ANOTHER appointment on Thursday and I have a feeling they'll make it official then. I'll get back to you:)

touch: no awkward belly of now. BUT I've been warned that they're coming...EEekkkk!

wardrobe: things in my closet are still going on rather easily. To tell you the truth...I think I must have been buying my jeans big or something. I mean, I've never been one to wear super fitted clothing anyway...but it sure has come in handy now.
BUT I'm still trying to put a little more effort into putting some cute outfits together. I have been throwing things together in the wee hours of the morning and then having major regrets by 10AM. SO I need to start putting some time into looking adorable.

baby stuff: no real huge new purchases but I am getting anxious to get started on that baby room. We're currently in the middle of renovating our basement and as soon as that is done (I'll be posting some before/during/afters) I'll be able to get into our baby room...I'm hopinggggg mid Jan.!

LEFT just the other day I got our little romper in the mail. And holy is just about the cutest..softest..most adorable baby item...EVER!!!! Can not WAIT to get a teeny baby in that thing!!!!:):)

RIGHT i left a recent stop at an antique store with this charcoal gray book. I just found it adorable and thought it'd go perfectly in the baby room:)

and today I've been completely exhausted...and the night has already gotten away from me.

good night all:)
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