Monday, December 5, 2011

dream a little dream:)

i had never really imagined that I'd be working a cubicle. BUT this has been my most favorite far. I really feel like I'm good at my job AND I love the people I work with. It's super flexible...lots of positives. Like any job...there are some not so positive things about working here and seeing as I get too fired up about them...I'll let it lie.

POINT: if I were to have the guts to do something else...

above 2 photos via Pinterest

i would convince, at least, one of my sisters to open a little vintage/antique store with me:)

jacob and I love to every time ANY one of us travels...we'd pick up little goodies for our store. And my house is pretty much a flea market in there's already lots to choose from there...

i imagine that would be the best thing ever. Our own little place. Our own little name. Our own amazing hours. Simple business cards. Vintage mugs and tea cups for coffee/tea/hot chocolate. A life filled with weekend flea markets, road trips, blogging and creativity:)

i fear our small town would have little to do with a cute little store with vintage clothes and adorable antiques. *sigh*

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