Sunday, December 11, 2011

daily us.

i apologize for the awful abundance of iPhone photos! But it issss the most convenient way to catch these kiddo's doing something, I consider, cute:)

the other night before I had to be at work, I hung-out with the kids. Wisconsin winters can prove to be very bipolar. One day you can't leave the house because it's literally TOO cold to do so. And the next it's snowing and no wind and the sun is out and you can go out with only a long sleeve shirt on and build snowmen! This was one of those nights:)

at least once a week, or whenever I have a morning off...I walk to my sister, Mal's, and have a cup of coffee. During this time, we TRY to have conversations but mostly the boys run wild...always in minimal clothing and shoes. Don't forget the shoes:)
And then about an hour into my visit...they break-down...and then I leave and go home to my quiet house. I can still do this and now that there's a baby in my belly, I will enjoy every last MINUTE of that quiet house while I have it:)

and that my friends, is what I do in my spare time. See kids:)
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