Saturday, December 3, 2011

merry merry. joy joy.

a week ago already, we got out the Christmas decor and even found a Christmas tree:) It usually takes much longer but I'm trying to stay on top of things this year.
I'm a HUGE Holiday the sooner things can get festive in the house...the happier this little camper is:)

and here is our tree:

we searched/ the dark:)

we looked rough but it was 'the one', or so Jacob insisted;)

cutting it down took all of 3 seconds. I was lucky to get this shot! I seem to remember this being quite the process as a kid...maybe dad liked to give us a hard time;)

moreeeee posing:):)

and she's up!!!

jacob normally disappears after it's up and in the house but this time it was just him and I and it was so fun. I seriously did nothing. And not by choice. Jacob was shocked to find that I had no 'theme'. No 'organization'. No 'method'. So he pretty much took over. He never ceases to amaze me.

PS. he ended up wanting our theme to be 'white'. White lights on the tree, white lights around the house. This is supposed to represent our wedding, marriage and 1st Christmas together as a married couple. I love his thought process on this;)

the final result. Oh, so pretty:)

and our first gift under the tree. A little pillow for the baby:)

so ready for the holidays:) This will be the first Christmas morning that I have had off in years and I SO look forward to spending it with Jacob and some hot cocoa:)
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