Wednesday, February 1, 2012

week 26:)

so we're pregnant:)

i almost (ALMOST;) feel bad not having anything new to report from week to week. But that's a super fantastic thing cause no news is GOOD news when it comes to a smooth pregnancy:)

SIDE NOTE: maybe on the next little one...we'll spare you weekly photos and updates and go monthly...or biweekly...or whenever I damn well please;) We shall see:)

another rant.
Just wanted to say that, more than ever, we are feeling lucky lucky...LUCKY that this baby is growing and here and has been giving us such an easy time. We can only WISH and HOPE and cross EVERY finger and toe, that it continues this way and we are blessed with a healthy, happy baby. It doesn't always happen that way and we think about that and hope amazing things for anyone that has or will encounter 'bumps' in the road:)

and now the details, of the bore, that is my pregnancy;)

hey...maybe try reading this at 10PM with a cup of tea and you'll be out before you know it;)

due date:
may 10, 2012:)

boy or girl:
gawdddddd...we think it might be a girl. MIGHT. Maybe. Could be. 50 - 50 chance;)

holy schnikes...this belly is...happening. Here. Big. In charge. Visible.:)
And I'm enjoying it:)

stretch markssss:
my ace may have decided it didn't like being just wanted to be permanently marked as well.
And begins;)

BUT just invested in another load of belly butter and that shiznit is being put on my ace EVERY morning!:)

um. Yeah. Even after some pretty good effort on my part...I was unable to meet my goal of 163. My appointment is still 7 days away and I've weighed in, recently, at 165. Poo:(

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 25lbs.

BUT I still maintain that the books AND doctors are wrong and I'm okay and I look great and I feel great and I'm still very positive that I can keep this body from gaining more than 40lbs. during this pregnancy:)

down Water Aerobics Classes. I love me some water aerobics!!!!:)

just found 2 pair of jeans in the closet that are fitting rather well. I haven't even had to really dig into the maternity bin yet and have avoided any maternity purchases!:)

baby buys:
NO buys this week. NOT ONE! That's almost unheard of!:)

there has been some other progress in our baby world. As I've mentioned before, my dad is remodeling our basement so that our roommate can move downstairs and then we'll be turning his current room into the Baby Room.

the Baby Shower Invites have been sent out!!!!:)

down from L to R - sneak peek at the basement progress:)

UP oh yes...I jumped. And it was painful. And after Courts and I wiped away the tears from laughing so hard...we realized all my efforts got me aboutttt 3 inches off the ground;)

and now that I've got you nice and tired...straight to bed for you!!!
It's too nice out we're off for a walk...YES, at 1020PM. Arg. We'll never learn;)
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