Sunday, February 5, 2012

celebration. good food and times:)

UP luke helping me send out a Happy Birthday photo text the morning of Neen's birthday;)

my cousin, Christina - Neen:), turned 31 on Friday, Feb. 3:):)!!! She's kinda started a (freaking fantastic) tradition of getting us girlie's together and doing dinner out.

UP birthday girl blowing out her...sparklers:)

we took some cute and...not so cute?! photos;)

i'm also trying to get used to how the bump comes off in photos. And my face. And my arms. And my boobs;) Do I feel amazing and have a hard time believing I've gained 25lbs.? YES. Do those 25lbs. show up in, yes. After some adjusting...we got some cute ones:)

UP one of my favorites!:)

for anyone looking for a chill night out on the town...for any reason...Royal Tokyo is the place to go! So fun and great atmosphere. AND a tip for all your women with little baby's in your buy your first Kitty Cocktail for $2...all refills are free.
I may have drank at least 5. YUM:)

happy birthday Neen and thanks so much for including us! We look forward to it EVERY year!!!:):)
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