Saturday, March 31, 2012

etsy saturday.

a few Etsy finds for your Saturday mornin':)

i, truly, don't prefer a girl over a boy...until I see this kinda stuff!!! Seriously. My baby girl needs high tops. One. And she needs them to be this awesome;) 

so pretty and simple and I'd love to add it to my collection:) 
Gold + Suede = gimmie.

i've been thinking I'd love to have a 'horse' print/photo up on the wall for the baby room. BUT thinking I could easily use one of my mom's photos...they have a couple horsey's and I know she's taken some beautiful photos of them:)

below are a few of her photos:)

 both photos courtesy of my motha':) UP/DOWN

i just think these quilts are beautiful and I'm in love with the colors and patterns.
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