Tuesday, April 3, 2012

week 35:)

another picture perfect pregnancy week;)
Man. They are really flying by now!! I had an appointment today, which flew-by. Mostly cause I had a great book with me to read - The Help. I'm unable to put it down!!!!! I'm actually rushing through this post so I can get back to it:)

blah blah blah.
I love Jacob.

blah blah blah. 
I may have used the "There's a baby in my belly?" as an excuse for why I didn't stop to check out the noise the car was making on my way home from work today. I figured it out once I saw part of the car bounce down the highway in the my rear view mirror.
Jacob wasn't impressed but he DID smile when I reminded him there was a baby in my belly;)

blah blah blah.
We're SO excited for this babyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! YAY! I'm still doing just fine with it in my belly but 5 weeks...that is nothing! And this baby has picked up the pace, as far as kicking. It's out of controlllll! But I appreciate that he doesn't want me to go a minute without thinking of him:)

due date
may 10, 2012:)
36 more days.

okay...after some thought and some lengthy, one-sided, conversations with Jacob - he's been confident in our names all along...he's just waiting for my crazy to subside...little does he know;) - we are good to go on the names.
I realized that I just love ALL our names SO damn much that that's the only reason I'm having a hard time. SO...we're still gonna wait and see what the baby looks like (smells like. tastes like;) and then we feel strongly that the right name will just stand out:)

it's seriously getting bigger. FOR REAL YO!!!!!
I do think the top that I was wearing for these photos makes it look a bit more 'torpedo' than it actually is...but seriously. I never get over how much it grows from day to day!!:)

HOLY SHIT. I just scrolled to the top to look at that photo...and I'm 35 weeks. PHEW. Deep breath. That's crazy. Then I looked down at my actual belly...it's there. This. IS. Happeningggggggggg!!!!

i'm feeling good. A bit of the itching is back but I'm using lotion more than once a day to try and help that. 
Otherwise, I'm feeling great. IF I do lay down...I'm able to sleep. Sleep. And sleep. I hear so many women complain about not being able to sleep. Luckily, that has not been a problem for me:) But once I'm out...I'm out for a good amount of time. SO my sleeping has gone from about 4.5hrs a night to a whooping 8hrs a night. Seriously. I never thought more sleep would make a difference but it's magical:)

so the ho ho's and fluff may have gotten the best of my ass and thighs me;) BUT the weigh-in was far less devastating than I had anticipated. 
At today's appointment I was at 176 (granted I was wearing tighty pants...but I'm still taking a pound off for good measure;).
SO 175:)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 35lbs.
I feel great about this! I still have 5 weeks to go but I plan to keep walking. I have a few more Water Aerobics Classes. AND I'm gonna take it easy on the ho ho's (after the ones I had today...FRICK;).
BUT I do have some festivities coming up that I need to behave prior to. 
- a wedding this weekend...YUMMY food will be served:)
- a trip to MOA (Mall of America)...there will be Cinnabons. Charley's. Orange Julius. Cookies.  Pizza. BUT the walking...tons of walking;)

it has gotten to the point that the wardrobe is a bit of a struggle but I'm still having fun with it and there are VERY few days that I leave the house in tears because I feel like a fat animal;) 

baby buys
NO buys this week. That's insanity. That's not to say there aren't a few things out there that I want!! But holding strong.
BUT there are several things on our list that we need to get going on - Cloth Diapers. We need to make a decision on a brand and get to it:)

thanks to Courts and Mama for the photos:)

i really do just want to mention that I'm a very lucky lady. Jacob has been so perfect throughout this entire pregnancy. I really couldn't do it without him. He's been ridiculously supportive. Whether it be to rub my back or take me on walks - he loves to tell his friends that he 'has to take his wife for a walk'...turd;) - and I blame him entirely for my new addiction to ho ho's:) OR to just listen as I vent about my fears and insecurities and excitement and worry about what's to come.

i know I say it, an annoying amount of times...but I'm really really happy:)
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