Thursday, April 5, 2012

when we burn the town down:)

every other year the boys in our hometown and those who have moved away...return. These 'Alumni' act very manly and throw a small ball at a hoop all day play basketball and then drink their faces off all weekend;)

good times are had by all:):)

this year I have a baby in my belly. FYI;)
Jacob informed me that when he called me (I was at the bar at the time) I still got that squeaky/high pitched/I'm supa' drunk voice that he recognized from the past. No worries, I was not drinking...just water people:) But we've decided that something about just being 'out and about' gets this lady pretty excited. Must be the packed bars. Guys using the ladies rest room and peeing every where BUT inside the toilet. Someone dropping ass in a bar that is filled WALL.TO.WALL - good one asshole. Spilled drinks on my belly bump (so sorry baby;)

but besides all that AMAZING stuff;) It really was and is a good time. I get to put on some nice clothes. Do my hair. Eat out. And see all my lady and man friends in ONE room:) And then we talk and listen to music and LAUGH. We sure do laugh:)

PS. being pregnant and at the bar was a breeze. NOT being able to drink is such a blessing. The decision is made for me and all I have to do is have a good time and the next morning...I don't feel like a pile of crap!:)

so here we are. OUT:)

 loving that no one here realizes I'm trying to take a photo of Courts and Dave...or maybe they do;)

SO my camera's 'party mode' let me down...BIG time. We missed out on a couple really fun photos cause it decided to FUZZ. But I feel like you can still reallllllyyyy tell that fun times were being had in these photos;)

me and my heart:)
He had to work all day...and then he actually catered the basketball players dinner, after work. He was quite tired by the time he got to the bar and only stayed for about 20min. but I appreciate that he was more than willing to come and hold my hand (literally - is it okay that I love us so much that I want packed rooms to be witness to it?!;).

 the camera loves Mal:) - PS. I cut out my double chin...not for me...for you;)
And Courts...creepin' again!!!!

i bought the ladies some shots...just to get the party started a bit. I had no ideaaaaa that it would lead to the MOUSE-IEST face in ALL OF HISTORY! 
Mal's Face = Awesome Mouse Face!!!!!!

me and the BFF:) YAY for a good one!!!!

pigg's close up.!!:)

 a SISTA' photo. No night, where we're ALL out at the same time, is complete without one:)

a SISTA'/FRIEND photo. Again, no night is complete...and why is she SO tiny compared to all of us?! We look like we've trapped her and have plans to eat her!!! And I'm positive I was resting my belly ON her during this shot;)

good times were had by all!:)
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