Monday, April 9, 2012

birthday boy. Jax.

UP jax on his first birthday:)

what a difference a year makes! - see birthday one here:)

JAX-MAN is TWO!!!!!

and possibly more feisty than ever;)

below are some photos from tonight's little Birthday Get-Together!:) - We also celebrated Nasher's upcoming Birthday (he turns 3 tomorrow) but I'll do a separate post for that kid tomorrow:)

UP jacob and I got Jax some new fatty's. Our tradition:)

i couldn't be there for Jax's 'official' Birthday on Saturday BUT I was able to get a delivery to him that day...a box of Lucky Charms and a Balloon. He then bit the balloon and it popped and he proceeded to cry for 15 minutes.
Birthday Mission: Accomplished;)

happy birthday to the little guy we all thought would be so much chiller than his older bro, Luke. We thought wrong. DEAD.WRONG;)

Happy Birthday Jax-Man!!! We love your crazzzzzzyyyy ass:):)
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