Friday, March 23, 2012

feels so good to have been birthed;)

today.i'm.29 :)

i seem to be taking my birthday's in stride the older I get. When I was 22-ish...there were few birthday's that didn't start, end...or entirely...consist of tears;) No lie. And it wasn't about getting old...I think I just had ridiculous expectations. And when I say ridiculous...I really do mean re.dick.u.luss. I thought of something nearly impossible for anyone to EVER get for me (a real-life, MINIATURE giraffe, that was trained to go on walks with me)...or something that NO ONE would ever thinkkkk to get me (a shirt I saw, while shopping alone, that I told no one about). And then I'd want it. And only it. And then I wouldn't get it. And then my life was over. Yes. At 22;)

i've locked up that behavior and now REALLY enjoy my birthday. My birthday started around January;) And then I started referencing March as my "Birthday Month" and then when it gets down to the week OF my're gonna here a lot of:

- are you seriously going to do that? You DO realize it's my Birthday Week?

- i can't buy that? You've, obviously, forgotten it's my Birthday Week?

- suck it. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!!!!!

- i'll do what I want. It's my Birthday Week.

- if you don't get it, my Birthday Week will seriously kick your ass.

and then there's the day AFTER Mal's birthday (March 21st = Mal's Birthday. March 22nd = the day AFTER Mal's Birthday/the day BEFORE my Birthday. March 23rd = MY Birthday:).

this day, March 22nd is also very important. That is the day I eat fast food, make an impulse buy at Target and then we all have a huge dinner to celebrate mine and Mal's Birthdays, which leaves 4 out of 17 of us with stomach aches. March 22nd is a great day:)

fast food and impulse buys! 

this year I got SO much birthday mail! And within that birthday mail were adorable cards/notes and gift cards. Thank you THANK YOU!!!:) 

austyn made some fantastic birthday signs!! It will forever be referred to as "Berth" Day:)

 jacob and I at the Birthday dinner:)

jacob cooked up some brats. Dave cooked up some chicken. Mal cooked up some NA, and not so NA, margaritas:) Nom. NOM.

i woke up to Jacob having made me my very own edible flower arrangement:) It was so adorable. The bowl next to it is full of amazing fluff dip and then, as is our tradition. A card:) Perfect! 

my morning walk to Mal's to have a cup of coffee and some festive conversation;)

and then Jacob and I took a little road-trip to do some shopping/walking/spending/lunch:) It was such a great day for it. The weather was a bit 'crappy'. Rainy. Not rainy. But it was perfect for the day we had planned! 

the whole way, we listened to Louis CK - a comedian - on tape. Yep. There was a distorted face and I'm sure those people passing us thought I was being the face;)

on the way down we passed a little school building that had been turned into an Antique Store. We did a little u-e and checked it out. No gems this time but I love those little stops:)

 this photo actually makes me feel a bit ill. Which means I over did the food consumption today:(

at the mall I tried on a few things. No success there. Mostly just a lot of awkward bending and bumping against the walls of the dressing room - which smelled of human feces. That's no lie. I actually watched the floor as I walked thinking I MIGHT step in a human pile of shit. Luckily, none...that I saw;)

oh. And these mirrors are SO perfect for seeing every angle of a body I no longer recognize as my own;)

and Jacob rocking my glasses on the ride home:)

29 has been a huge success so far and I see it going no where but good places in the year to come! We'll be welcoming our baby in May. Jacob will finally be catching-up and turning 29 in July (youngin';). And September, we celebrate a year of marriage! All amazing things to do while 29:) And I know there will be some great surprises in there too:):)

thanks SO much for all the Birthday Wishes! Life has been good, not only to me, but my entire family. Lucky, lucky are we:)
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