Tuesday, March 27, 2012

week 34:)

getting harder and harder to believe that we will soon be...parents:) We knew this would happen. We talk about it all the time. But every kick. Every super slow walk. Every late night pee. Every baby item I have to find a home for. Every list I make....another reminder that this baby is coming. Ready or not:)

things are going great. As usual:) We're just really happy and content and maybe that's another sign of this pregnancy nearing an end and our lives as parents beginning. I'm anxious some moments. Emotional most others. But happy above all:) We're so excited to begin a new rhythm...as mom and dad...parents...a family:)

all photos thanks to Courts:)

UP/DOWN we went through the baby room and put away EVERYTHING! Feels good to have things organized and kindaaaa ready:)

we managed to get the little whale onto the bath tub! Seriously. It's insane how much that small little thing changes everything about our adult only bathroom:)

and Jacob baby proofed some things. I told him that it probably wasn't necessary to put safety plugs in outlets that were THAT high. But he insisted;)

due date
may 10, 2012:)
44 days.

boy or girl
girl. I think. Maybe.

i keep changing my mind. I thought I had my mind made up. And now I'm not so sure. We haven't talked names in a few months. We kinda thought we'd decided and that it was a done deal. And now I'm getting a wee bit freaked out. Seriously. This child has to live with this name forever. This NAME is quite important to the person he/she will become. At least I feel this way.

back to the drawing board folks!!!

each milestone takes some getting used to. But here we are at 34 weeks OR 8.5 months (stupid math on this really is irritating) and I've gotten used to this belly too:)

i mostly love this belly on days when I feel adorable. Some days I feel more adorable than others:) Really just depends on what I find to wear and how comfy it is and if it's flattering. If I have a successful outfit...I have a, more, successful day:)

the itching is SO much better! Thank the lord!!!! Now back to the easy breezy pregnancy I was used to;)

so far so good. I continue to come in around 171-172 and have another weigh-in this time next week.
Lets hope all the birthday candy, strawberries and fluff and ho ho's haven't stuck:)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 32lbs.

as I mentioned above...what I leave the house wearing seems to have a bit of a positive or negative affect on my attitude that day. SO I'm trying to continue being creative and finding new ways to look cute, while still being comfy:) 

below is the dress I bought at Forever21 for an upcoming wedding! VERY excited cause it looks adorable and I have shoes that work and all I'm thinking is that I need some dangly black earrings and a decent fitting black cardigan (both of which I can borrow from my sista's:) and we'll be good to go! 

UP see..wouldn't some long-ish black earrings do the trick!?:)

UP baby gap - and yes...I DID spend $17 on a freaking onsie. Oops:)

baby buys
baby gap is killllinggggg me! So many cute little outfits. I opted for the one above...probably cause of those adorable little hippos:) It says it's for a girl but I think our manly boy could rock this too;)

it's probably crazy to say. But I'm already thinking about how much I'm going to miss being pregnant:( This, of course, scares the shit out of Jacob cause he thinks that means there will be many a pregnancy in our future;)
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