Thursday, March 29, 2012

daily happenings:)

here I sit at 1155PM. Teeny glass of red wine - I'm told it's good for the baby:):) - and my Mac. Hard at work updating you on our lovely lives;)

gif maker
UP mom and Lukey out flying the first kite of the year!

UP/DOWN nasher-man on the slide. And in style, I might add:) This kid!

gif maker

UP i tell him to stop and stand still so I can take his photo. He holds this pose. Lordy;)

UP normally Friday's are designated as 'coffee mornings' for me. And for Mal. And most often, her boys. 
PS. I'm not a coffee drinker. This one mug of sugar/creamer & a dash of coffee coffee, keeps my poo situation moving. It must be done;)

on this particular morning...Jax-man was having a rough go of it and was put in a Time Out. Man. Nothing cuter than a little one sitting staring at the wall. Unless they're naked of course. Photos of that to come:)

UP/DOWN i was having an amazingly bad day today. Starting with dropping my entire jar of jam at 555AM - it busted ALL over at work and I cut my thump while cleaning the hot mess up.

and then I started to wonder how similar Jessica Simpson and I were starting to look!? Believe ass owned ALL today. These photos do.NOT. do it justice.

i would say the tally of throats slit (mentally, of course) was very high today. Gruesome. Many...mannnny casualties.

POINT: the baby moved ALL day (see video's super short but if you look close you can see it trying to break out!!!:). 
These last few days the baby has been seriously active. It put a huge smile on this killa' face and all was right with the world. This baby calms me...must take after his dad:)

UP/DOWN walks alwaysssss do me good:) Sigh:)
I picked the kiddo's up from school and then we took a nice long walk home.

UP austyn

DOWN lia
tighty/skinny/purple cords with little Robin Hood boots...Lia rocked it.

i really can't imagine there will be any of my days where these kiddo's aren't a huge part of it. But I know that once Jacob and I have our own little one...we'll have a bit more on our plates. And we may have to give a weeeee bit of this time to our baby;)

i'm lucky the kids are so happy and excited for us. And have actually volunteered their own time to come help me while I'm on my maternity leave. Whether it's just to hold the baby while I shower or to make me some Mac & Cheese or PB&J - they've already been schooled on exactly how I like my Mac & Cheese (with Cream of Mushroom Soup) and PB&J (peanut butter ALL the way to the edges and no tops:). P is going to make me proud:)
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