Thursday, March 29, 2012

kickin' kittens since 2010.

you bet...we started a club today. The Hat Club. And we're as hardcore as it gets.

we wear hats.
we kick kittens.

kidddingggggg. ;)
We, mostly, only wear hats:)

trying to get us to all look and not 'make faces'.

but really I just wanted to find a way to make my thighs entire body look a teeny bit smaller. I had no luck finding a slimming angle;)

back story:

lia has been rocking a stocking cap sinceeeeee...hmm. Courts would have to confirm this. BUT maybeeee since 2010;) It's been...a while. So today after I picked them up from school - and made them wait for me to change, pee AND eat a PB&J - I decided to con Lia into a different hat. I love that she owns the hat thing!!! And I'm glad to encourage her to mix it up at bit and seeing as I also love hats..I had a few to spare. 
And so...Lia and A both walked away with a new hat today!

p's little black hat was something I picked up on SUPER sale at Walmart a few weeks back!

and so we showed up at Courts' house looking incredibly hardcore;) Unfortunately, no one was intimidated and we mostly got a few weird looks and "what's with the hats?".  Thankfully there were no kittens around because that would have been our next move;)
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