Thursday, March 1, 2012

paper cut. do it.

i was in the mood to do a quick post...and I'll try to stick to that 'quick' situation:)

PS. that didn't end up happening. This got wordy. 

Hi. I'm Casey and I talk. A LOT. You should know and love this about me by now;)

we had quite the snow storm here yesterday and while getting ready for work that morning...I could hear my dad's voice in the back of my head - you should really have a blanket in your trunk. and be wearing boots. and...that's all I can remember from that conversation;) - SO I bagged the tall black dressy boots I would have normally put on with this outfit - the outfit I'm told wasn't working for me anyways;) COME ON...tighty pants are now a staple for me;) - but anyhooooooo

i put on the boots! You're welcome dad:) As I was headed out, dress boots in hand, I realized I needed to grab a hat and gloves. I bent over (kinda;) set the dress boots down in order to put on my hat and gloves and turned around and walked out. WITHOUT my dress boots. FRICK!

needless to say...most thought I was making a 'fashion statement' in this number but nope. Just shuffled around at work. ALL DAY. in my snow boots. Good times;)

pregnancy brain. I HATE that term;)

and thennnnnn I had my docs appointment yesterday also!!! This was such a good appointment. We're at 30 weeks. YAY!!

anyhoo. Jacob didn't come to this appointment and probably won't until our 36 week appointment, when I'm told we'll do another small ultrasound to make sure the baby's positioned correctly flown in by a stork!? Um...yeah...exactly.. Blah.;)

as mentioned before...I like when Jacob comes with me better than going on my own. He doesn't think so...but he DOES keep me calmer and more focused and I'm able to get through the appointment without getting...'upset';)
SO I went into this appointment thinking that I would leave it less than happy pissed off and crying!!

but I didn't! I had some good laughs with the nurses regarding my water breaking! Ah. They loved me;) BUT the kicker...the weigh-in. I LOST 3lbs. Can you freaking believe it!? Believe me...I was NOT expecting that!!! Obviously, I took my snow boots off prior to hopping on the scale...but I have, in no way, been changing my habits that drastically to have LOST 3lbs. And I had 3 weeks between appointments. SO I went from 171 to 168.

PS. i feel I need to mention that on Tuesday I ate 5 pieces of french toast. 3 in the first sitting. Then an additional 2...immediately following that. Seriously. I didn't even feel disgusting after - I'll wait while you run to the bathroom and vomit at the though of it;) -  I just did it. I owned it. I may actually be a bit proud of how great an eating team the baby and I make;)

at first...I was super excited. This kinda puts me back in a more 'normal' range of weight-gain. At least in the eyes of my doc. BUT then I was immediately scared. Did they think I was dieting? Eating ho ho's to my hearts delight and then having a puking rally later in the night?! OMG. Why are they looking at me like I'm trying to kill my baby? Did I just say VAGINA out loud!? Yeah...It got And I was sweating. SWEATING. Like...had to wipe my upper lip sweating. They stare. Blah!!!!

SO we listen to the baby's heart and he's all good. He's alive and well. I'm measuring right where I should be and the baby's growing perfectly. PHEW! And they reassure me that every thing's fine and that there's nada to worry about...unless of course I come in again in 3 weeks and have, again, lost weight. Which I can assure you...won't happen:)

and then my doc comes in and says:
"they probably weighed you wrong last time...".
Um. Die.

PS. i love my doc...but I wouldn't mind him getting a paper cut over that comment. SERIOUSLY.
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