Tuesday, February 28, 2012

week 30:)

UP no baby bump photo session would be complete without some kiddos getting in on the action;)

we're at 30 weeks. This seems like a seriously...seriouslyyyyy huge deal. No lie. 30 weeks is just...30 weeks. SO close!!! 10 more weeks really seems like nothing to me. I've been told that I'm going to start getting anxious for this baby to come. That 10 weeks will feel like forever away.

that is not the case. I would LOVE for time to slow down...just a tad:) That's not to say that I'm not starting to feel those things that would make a person want to get this child out of them. I'm surely slowing down. Needing Jacob's hand to help me up at night. Getting in and out of the car is a pain in the ass and SO annoying. If I drop ONE more thing...I will seriously start slitting throats!!

but again. I'm enjoying every minute of it:) I feel healthy and happy and I can only hope our baby will feel the same way when he/she gets here:)

due date
may 10, 2012:)

that is exactlyyyy 72 days from today. 72. Yep:)

boy or girl
i just had another dream that it was a girl. I'm guessing at this point I've got 'girl' stuck in my head... BUT then I saw someone else's ultrasound pic and what they said was the penis looked an awful lot like something in one of our ultrasound pics. 

LONGgggg story short. No clue what this thing is:)

still loving the belly. The belly and I really hit our stride during month 6 and we're still going strong here in month 7.

i have found that:
- getting in and out of the car and sitting and picking things up...suck more now;)
- the baby's movements have slowed...just a tad. BUT as soon as I say that...it beats on my insides for 10min. straight;)

there has been a touch of nausea in the mornings for the last few weeks. Could be due to my own awful, awful sleeping habits. But as I've told my coworkers...who feels amazingggg at 430AM? Usually I'm feeling 100% by 7AM:)

hard to say...hard.to.say. The scale at home is still teetering from 170-172. I have a weigh-in at the docs tomorrow and if I'm 173 or under...I will be a happy, happy woman! My fingers AND toes are crossed (as should yours!!:).

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 30lbs.

someone told me today that I was a very fashionable pregnant lady! THANKS Melissa! I love, love to hear that!:)

i did buy a few things recently - see HERE - for some events we have coming up (baby shower, wedding:).

And I bought a few other things - lets just say I hit the animal print jackpot over the weekend!! Be excited;) I'm planning on getting some photos in them cause the stuff I got is adorable but I want to wait and see what I end up wearing to the baby showers:) 

UP a sneak peek at my cat shirt - Old Navy.
it's saying it was $25 but I most definitely did not spend that...maybe $9?

baby buys
we're down to about one week until my Baby Shower with my coworkers and 11 days until my Baby Shower with my family. I'm SO pumped!!!:) And as expected...people are really starting to buy up the registry! YAY!!! I've managed to stay off the registries today...trying to hold out for the 'surprise' but SO hard not to peek and see what's being bought!!!!

a group of friends DID purchase our car seat and stroller for us and had it delivered to the house over the weekend! We.LOVE. It was simple to put together and looks great. Pushes nice and easy. It did, however, take us another 20min. to figure out how to get the car seat in and out of it in a way that would work with an actual baby in there!!! Lordy.

PS. another 30min. later I was crying because I realized a real baby would be going in there. A REAL one. ;)

UP Old Navy - Printed Footed One-Pieces $7.99 (of course I bought it before it was on sale..GRR!)

while in the Cities I also picked up this little number, above. Adorable! And I got another 10% OFF Coupon to use on my next purchase, which will be when we hit up MOA in a few weeks:)

PS. 10% really means nothing to me...BUT it's something, right?!:)

and I could use that 10% OFF towards one of these adorable little things!!!!:):)

i found this site via Lake Jane:)

also thinking ahead and knowing that we'll need a snow suit at some point and I hate to wait until it starts getting cold out and snow suits are at their most expensive...this one is on sale for $29. It WAS $115. For real.

Biggest Pickle: go with the gray/green OR navy?!

and now I'm wanting to do some serious online shopping:(

and thanks mama for taking the photos...once again, Courts was hard at work;)

night all:)
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