Sunday, February 26, 2012


yay for Road Trips!! Double YAY for a night with the ladiessssss:)

me and a few of my best of friends went to the Cities for a 24hr visit to see another bestest friend! And it was...awesommmmeeee:) SO needed wanted;)
And these girlies are SO much fun! I pretty much laughed the entire time:)

UP i found the black flops I've been looking for at Old Navy and wisely bought 2 pair right away. They're a BIT uncomfortable...regarding the straps. BUT for $3 each, you really can't go wrong.

we started our trip with some shopping. Naturally;)

UP option from Charlotte Russe. Jacob's not fond of it. Was thinking this for the April Wedding:)

i've been on the hunt for something to wear for my baby shower and/or a wedding we have in April.

UP a dress I did purchase at Old Navy...thinking Baby Shower for sure!? And possibly the April Wedding. The April Wedding is still 5 weeks away, which means that could be a taddddd too short by then if the belly grows...which I'm told...will;)

i'd really like to pair the dress above with some Toms:
not sure the red dress, red Toms combo is working for me...Too much red?!

UP the baby likes shopping:)

UP another April Wedding option from JCPenney. SO pretty and loved all the color but the fit wasn't quite right:(

after all that shopping, we got ready and headed downtown to Howl at the Moon. A great new piano bar:) Needless to say...things didn't get too crazy...we were DD tightttttt. Three out of the 7 of us there are expecting. Eeeeek!

UP/DOWN my HUGE drink getting in every shot;)

UP after, quickly, going through 3 cups of Kitty Cocktails...we decided to cut the waiter some slack and order a 'Large':) This came back to haunt me at 2AM, 330AM and 630AM. Lots of pee breaks but totally worth it!!

UP/DOWN amazing food. A LOT of amazing food. Lordy. And the largest/longest fish sandwich we'd ever seen:)

UP me and Friend. I edited the photo a bit...which didn't entirely help but we were against a plain wall. Yuck. And right above our heads, on this plain wall, was a neon 'RESTROOMS' sign. Again, YUCK. Not the greatest for photo fun!

around midnight we called it a night. A super time was had:)

UP love the song on that sign. Thought about how cute it'd be in the baby room but the rustic look wasn't working for me.

on Saturday we did a bit more shopping. OPPS. And had THE best pizza in all the land. I can't remember what the place was called...but 1/2 of that pizza made it into my belly...with no regrets;)

a successful trip was had by all and I'm already excited for the next one! Our Annual MOA trip is coming up in 46 daysssss! YAY!!!!!:)
Thanks again to my good friend, Carrie, for being our hostess and letting us crash at her house and eat her good food. ALWAYS a treat and seriously becoming my home away from home:)

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