Sunday, February 26, 2012

oscar pretties.

i'll be the first to admit...I have seen NONE. ZERO of the movies nominated for the Oscars. Opps. The only reason I'm remotely interested:

the girly dresses:)

UP love her dress. LOVE her nails. LOVE LOVE her:)

UP again...can't help but love the color and the neckline. Pretty.

UP when she nails it...she nails it!! Beautiful. 

UP i'm not completely in love with this look but lately I'm on board with the red and the polka dots sold me:) 

and those are my deep thoughts on the Golden Globes;)

all photos via PopSugar

CORRECTION: wherever Golden Globes was mentioned...I meanttttt Oscars. Opps;) And I actually have seen Bridesmaids. Obviously. That movie rocked. :)
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