Thursday, March 15, 2012


saturday was the Baby Shower!!!:):) AH, good times were had!

as you can see from the photo below...there were presents. Oh, so many:) I can never believe how generous people are and it surely makes me feel like I need to step up the giving a bit! The giving didn't just stop there....I got cards in the mail, PRESENTS in the mail, books in the mail, not to mention the whole other baby shower my wonderful coworkers threw for me. 
Remember the 'crying' on Sunday!? I'm sure all this goodness had something to do with that too:)

i can't thank everyone enough for making it such a wonderful day!

my mom surprised me and ordered an ADORABLE cake! The colors/design matched the invitations to the Baby Shower, as did that freaking hippo. LOVE! And on top of all wasn't just good to look at. It tasted amazing:)

if you're ever in the need for some amazing treats - Party Time Cakes - is the place to go!!:)

UP lady Karey made some adorable onsies...being that one of my favorite words happpppens to be a bad one...she cleaned it up a tad and put it on a onsie. I can envision the baby coming home in this and a yoda hat;)

okay. I have the craftiest friends IN theeee Worlddddd:) Besides getting a huge amount of the essentials. Thank gawdddd. We got a LOT of great homemade items. Man. Sometimes people are all "I'm gonna make something and it will be amazing", and then it's SO not amazingor is that just me that makes shitty crafts?;) And in this case...every thing that was homemade...really was amazing and perfect for US:)

UP (L to R)
 row1: we got the Sophie Giraffe from Jacob's cousin in NYC. I have to admit...I've had my eye on one of these and was SO happy to have gotten it!!!:), some goodies and a perfect baby bath tote, our DIAPER BAG...YAY:)
row2: essentials for my stay at the hospital...Spree's and all:), a Yoda rattle and hat (which we received yesterday!!!:), baby booster seat!

UP my great aunt - is that right?!:) - Joyce, made this beautiful little afghan!!!:)

UP an organic hippo. Be Still My Heart:)

the house got pretty packed but I think it was JUST right! And even though we had plenty of kiddo's in attendance...they all stayed in the baby room. Either playing with each other or on my computer. SO they kept pretty quiet for the whole afternoon! Thank you kids. Thankkkk youuuuu;)

austyn was our little artist that day! We received some homemade fridge magnets (freaking cute!) and they put together some cute names for the baby;)
She also posed with the AWESOME diaper hippos Karey made! I seriously can't bring myself to take them apart. They're too awesome!

and austyn was just too sweet, writing notes for the baby room:)

on the invite we asked that people contribute a book to Baby Smith's first library. And that was SUCH a huge success. I would recommend everyone, who has a love for books, to do this. We got SO many books and my friend made little sticker tags for people to sign and put in the book - of course I forgot to get a photo of this. Oops. BUT they're adorable. Trust me:)

this, much anticipated, day flew by:( But a few of us stayed after to dig through all the presents and separate things and have some wine (Sparkling Wine for me:). It was a fabulous way to end an already fabulous day:)
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