Thursday, March 15, 2012

rub it on your lips

i'm a lover of 'favors'.

wedding shower - bottles of homemade wine for each guest:

wedding - cupcakes and seriously perfect/hilarious buttons:

and now the baby shower!!!

baby shower - organic lip balm:

ingredients: cocoa butter, pure vitamin E oil, honey, essential oil(s), sweet almond oil, adorable containers...and wine:)

i purchased all the ingredients at a local Planet Earth store and the cute little containers on Ebay.

my sister, Pigg, was pretty hardcore about making lip balm. I thought - lets just wing it...throw this and that in there and see how it goes. Um, no you piece of shit. You'll do it by the book or not at all;)
BUT thanks to her, we got it done right:) I knew she'd be perfect for the job!!!

PS. we got through it without her making me cry ONCE;)

i found a pretty simple recipe via eHow and that's what we followed. It looked easy and ended up being even that much easier to make! And a little goes a longggg way! I think we still have at least 10 or more left over out of the 50 we made!

using potatoes, I cut out the heart shape and used the kids' paints to stamp some tags! THEN I put Courts, and her perfect penmanship, to work;)

UP work harderrrrrrr!!! WORK FASTERRRRRRR!!!!;)

and I think they were a hit! At least I hope they were a hit. But the wine and cupcakes...we always seem to pick something we don't mind having leftovers of;)
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