Thursday, March 15, 2012

it's purple all over.

we have a wedding to attend April 7th. Which I'm very excited about. We're staying at this hotel, which has a water park! NICE! We're staying there with Courts, her husband and kiddos. Luckily, they give free passes with the kinda/sorta...who am I kidding...expensive room! SO all the kids and Courts and Dave are going to take advantage of the water park while Jacob and I walk the streets of the Dells! YAY:) I'm really looking forward to this!!!

and what better way to avoid my least favorite day of ALL time - Easter - by going to a Wedding and Reception of close friends and not being able to drink!? ummmmm. Sure:)

 all images via Forever21

so my thinking is that it's pretty simple, long enough that once the belly gets in won't be TOO short. And I love those heels. SO on the hunt now for something similar in the Mary Jane style.

and April can always be a toss up, weather wise...but I can get away with black tights and a black cardigan if needed.

i feel like mom would like this dress...what do you think mom...could I borrow that little purse of yours? You know the one I'm talking about;)
- sorry..inside joke and Mom's currently cursing the day she conceived me;)
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