Sunday, March 18, 2012

ta daaaaaaaaaaa:)

our baby welcomes his/her room:)

looking back on all these seems that this was a pretty hefty project to take on 7 days before the Baby Shower and want to have completed. BUT with the help of my dad and got done! YAY:)

we sanded (as best we could) the floors. We found hardwood floors in the living room and both bedrooms. Unfortunately, the 'baby room' was the only room that they decided to glue the carpet down in. Ick. Never...I REPEAT...neverrrrr glue down carpet. It's super silly. And dumb. A lot dumb.

we then painted the hardwood floors white. 

ahhhh. I can hear the gasps!!! Painting...hardwood floors...say whattttt?!?!? I love hardwood floors as much as the next guy. Maybe even more:) BUT at this point we didn't have the time/money/OR energy to completely refinish the floors. SO we just painted them white and that's completely reversible with some more sanding, fear not!:) But at some point I think we mayyyyy carpet in there...just cause it'd be nice to have one room that I can curl up in a ball in the middle of the floor...comfortably:)

and then the walls. This was torture for me. I envisioned a very soft gray. I got blue. And believe me...I went back SEVERAL times to get more paint. I spent the most amount of money on paint I've ever spent on a room....ridiculous.
It just seemed that each time I went back...I ended up picking out a color that seemed whiter than the previous can. FRICK! At one point you felt as if you were walking into the inside of a marshmallow because it was soooooo....white?! White walls, white floor, white trim. Overload. 

even the final result turned out more blue than we had hoped for. BUT it works and we're happy with it. But it was a tedious project. We had already painted the walls twice...with 2 different whites. Oops. THEN we settled on, what would end up being the final 'blue-ish' color. We painted the walls twice with that. Then we did some caulking and had to do some touch-ups. Well, we only needed another quart of paint. That quart ended up looking completely different on the walls. REALLY!?!? 
Knowing me all too well, Jacob was aware that I with this!!!! SO we purchased another gallon of the 'blue-ish' paint - which still ended up being different from the previous 2 - FOR REAL!?!?!? After ONE more, final coat of paint....we had a baby room:)

did you follow all that?

POINT: we had to paint. A.LOT. Annoying.

and now the big reveal:) I've also tried to list some of the details and where we got them!

large area rug: Target - Wool Popcorn Rug Gray - $179.99
* OF COURSE it's on that I bought it at full price one week ago! Seriously.

dresser: Antique - from a coworker - $50
* mom and I refinished it

shelving: homemade - Dad:)
* i did get small tension rods from Target to use for hanging the clothes

blocks: vintage - local antique store - $.25 each?
painting: homemade - Cousin Neen:) - gifted

rocking chair: Antique - from Jacob's Gramps:) - Free
throw: Ikea - GURLI Throw - $12.99
pillow: Ikea - VILMIE RAND Cushion - $7.99

* looks very green online but is more gray in person

travel case: Vintage - Sisters/Mom - Gifted:)
chalkboard: Vintage - from Jacob's Gramps:) - Free
penguin: Amazon - Stacking Penguin - Gifted:)

ruler: Homemade - Gifted:)
*can't WAIT to start a tradition of getting the baby's height - maybe on each birthday:)
chalkboard/easel: Vintage - Free
circle rug: Urban Outfitters
* they no longer have that specific rug. I bought it a few years ago already and had intended to use it for the bathroom

some homemade artwork from the kids! LOVE these 2 drawings. 
LEFT: Austyn's interpretation of a hippo:) Are those fangs you ask? Um, yes...but it's still a very gentle, happy hippo;)
RIGHT: Peyton did an amazing job on this little bear!

luggage: Vintage - Flea Market - $12
blankets: ALL gifted

crib: Vintage (not sure it's quite 'old' enough to qualify as vintage;) - Craig's List - $35
*mom and I refinished it
fur: Ikea - Sheepskin - $29.99

deer pillow: Etsy - Plush Deer Pillow Green - $20
* i purchased it on sale
quilt: Handmade - Coworker, Melissa!!:) - Gifted
blue giraffe: Ikea - no longer in stock
yellow giraffe rattle: gifted
hearts: homemade - Courts & Kids - wedding gift:)
manatee: gifted by Gerd:)
blue bear: homemade - gifted
* made out of an old shirt of Jacob's Gramps':)
skull blanket: 77Kids - Anais Printed Swaddling Blanket - $16.50

and that my friends, is the Baby Room! It's got a lot going on but I guess when I stand back and look at it. It looks And it's something that we hope will suit our baby's personality perfectly:)

do we like?:)

PS. thanks mom, for the photos of the finished room!:)
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