Sunday, March 18, 2012

daily happenings:)

UP me and Drew Baby hanging out. I had just put some super fat Nike's on her. Love. 

i get to see these amazing kiddo's at least once a day:):) And I can 'see' them for as long or as little as I'd like and then go home and nap;) Ah, enjoying the good life before I have a kiddo of my own...permanently;)

and I should just change Daily Happenings to Photos of My Sister's Kids;)

UP my little Nasher bug:):) Man. He's got a cry that makes you want to just scoop him up. And usually you just had to punish him for something legitimate...but then you immediately feel terrible cause that cry...heartbreaking;)

and then more of miss Drew Baby hanging out! Her new 'thing' - screeching. That's really the only way to describe it. Not screaming. Not crying. Not yelling.
Dad described it as the sound of a hawk. Sure. I can see that.
Mal described it as the sound the animal makes that the hawk just snatched up for lunch. Even more true;)
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